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Radio Santec – SOPHIA TV highlights historical and contemporary issues in its programs. Concerts, meditations, animals, news...
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Radio Santec – SOPHIA TV highlights historical and contemporary issues in its programs, emphasizing ethical and moral aspects, both from the viewpoint of the Original Christian teachings of the Free Spirit – which have nothing in common with so-called “Christian” churches or religion – as well as in view of the respect for the fundamental rights of the individual as measured by the standards of the Constitution and universal human rights.

The formats and programs include documentaries, discussion groups, consumer and informational programs, programs on the state of the environment, on the protection of animals and nature, nature documentaries and lectures on the animal and plant worlds, programs on health topics as well as cooking shows for vegetarian/vegan cooking. In addition, classical concerts (“Classics for the Soul”) and programs for children are broadcast in their own separate series.

Under “Frequencies”, find information on how you can receive the radio or television programs in your country. For more information, please send us an Email in your language.


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